Why you should use Social Media Marketing for your Business?


Social media is pretty much the buzz word in today’s age. Everyone is on social media, the Gen Z lives, eats, and breathes social media. So if you think that social media has got absolutely nothing to do with your business, you are absolutely wrong. Owning a business in this age mandates the use of Social Media Marketing. It is one of the most critical ‘weapon’ in your arsenal. 

So before we understand what Social Media Marketing has to offer, let us first understand what exactly it is. 


What is Social Media Marketing?


It is the use of Social Media channels for marketing products and services in a strategic and efficient manner. It is one of the best and easiest approach to reach prospects. Imagine having a free tool at your disposal and not even using it. You are truly missing out on something amazing. 

Social Media has brought about a paradigm shift in the way digital marketing is working. It is all about having a conversation with your prospects. Marketing today is all about dialogue rather than monologue, so step up the game and use the best tool that facilitates this. 


How can Social Media help our Business?


Many businesses have gained significant benefits by using this simple, cost-effective, and amazing tool for generating leads, ultimately resulting in successful business. 

Here are some of the key benefits:


1. Create Brand Recognition

Brand recognition is one of the most vital objectives for a company. Consumers always come to brands that they recognize and resonate with. Social Media plays a huge role in giving a platform for showcasing yourself in front of an extremely large audience. You can now reach millions of people just by sitting in your home. This is the power this media holds. 

2. Increases Sales

Social media has demonstrated a high lead-to-close rate than any other type of marketing. Social media harnesses the power of high visibility and helps organizations convert opportunities. It is hence, a powerful tool for boosting sales. 

3. Cost Effective

Most social media platforms are free to use and hence act as extremely cost effective channels used for marketing. Paid ads too are inexpensive in nature. Thus this medium helps you channelize your funds in other activities and helps in gaining higher ROI. So, just by allotting a small amount of time and money, you can boost your conversion rates by using these methods.

4. Brand Loyalty

Having loyal customers is extremely critical for the success of any business. It is the loyal customers who act as brand ambassadors for your company. Brand loyalty and customer satisfaction are directly proportional to each other. Social Media acts as a powerful media through which customers can interact with the brand and communicate directly. Your most influential customers are on social media, thus, being in touch with them via Social Media Marketing is extremely imperative.

5. Communicate your Brand’s Story

Stories are an excellent approach to reaching and influencing your prospects. Captivating stories have an extremely refreshing impact on your brand image. It tells your clients who you are and why your business exists. Stories and people are best ways to attract customers. You can share customer feedbacks/testimonials to gain trust in your brand. 

6.  Increase Inbound Traffic

Social media is one of the best ways to attract inbound traffic. It is typically one of the best approach to target customers who don’t know your brand. Social Media can get high organic traffic to your website, thus slowly progressing into the sales funnel and eventually converting into a sale. Social media becomes the first point of contact for new prospects to know you and reach you organically. 

7. Augment Customer Satisfaction

Customers become very happy if they receive personalized responses. Social media enables one-to-one communication between the brand and the customer. It helps your retain them and converting them into your advocates. Even if it is a complaint, a prompt response to the complaint will be perceived in the positive light, not just by the concerned person but also overall as a company image. 


Social Media presence of a brand is thus extremely crucial. If you are not on social media, think again! Today’s modern world needs all businesses to be digitalized, the faster you adopt the faster you will grow. 


Gravitas Consulting can evaluate your business and ensure your digital presence in a strategic manner. We help bridge the gap between the customer and the business, via our Digital Marketing expertise. 


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