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In the vast online realm, Gravitas Consulting acts as the compass guiding your business to prominence through Pay Per Click (PPC) services. Your business is a hidden gem, and Gravitas is the beacon that ensures everyone sees its brilliance. We craft ads that are like digital invitations to your business party, strategically placing them where potential customers are hanging out. It’s akin to being the VIP in a crowded digital room. PPC is not only for big organisation, we tailor PPC strategies to fit your budget and goals, ensuring that whether you’re a small startup or an established enterprise.

We carefully select the right words and locations, ensuring your brand’s voice resonates with those actively seeking what you offer. Choosing Gravitas for PPC is like enlisting a skilled navigator; they analyze data, adjust strategies, and lead your business to the spotlight. Your success story unfolds as each click becomes a stepping stone toward a thriving online presence. With Gravitas, your business isn’t just visible; it’s the center of attention, creating a digital narrative that captivates and converts.

PPC Services

What We Do

Our PPC Services

Search Ads

Gravitas makes your business easy to find online. Think of it like leaving breadcrumbs on the internet trail. We excel in crafting targeted search ads, ensuring your business appears prominently when potential customers search for relevant keywords. It's like turning curiosity into clicks, leading users from searching to choosing your business.

Display Ads

Imagine your brand as art, and Gravitas as the curator of a digital gallery. With strategic ad placements on popular websites and eye-catching graphics, Gravitas ensures your brand makes a lasting impression, reaching potential customers as they explore the digital landscape. As people scroll through, they see your brand story unfold visually. It's like turning your business into a memorable piece of art that sticks in their minds.

Social Media Ads

Gravitas turns your brand into a social butterfly. We craft PPC campaigns for Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn where users chat, share, and grow professionally. By understanding your target audience, we create engaging social media ads that resonate with users, fostering brand awareness and driving valuable interactions. Each like, share, or click is a step towards building a digital community around your business.


Gravitas specializes in remarketing campaigns, reconnecting with users who have previously shown interest in your products or services. Through strategic messaging and personalized content, we bring back these potential customers, increasing the likelihood of conversions and reinforcing your brand in their minds. Remarketing is cheaper than search ads, because of lower competition and highly targeted customer segments.

Shopping Ads

Elevate your e-commerce visibility with Gravitas proficiency in creating compelling shopping ads. Imagine your online store as a marketplace, and Gravitas as the architect designing attractive displays. We make your products stand out on search engines, by placing them in a digital storefront. As people explore, our ads shine a spotlight on your offerings, turning browsers into enthusiastic shoppers.

Instream Ads

Gravitas Consulting transforms your brand into the main feature with Instream Ads. Imagine your business as the star of a short video clip, and our expertise ensures it plays seamlessly during users' video content on platforms like YouTube. It's like a mini-commercial that grabs attention, weaving your brand story within the content they love. Viewers not only watch but also become part of your narrative, making Instream Ads a captivating way to share your brand message in the digital world.

Keywords Optimization

SEO Company in Hyderabad offers multilevel keyword optimization. Keyword optimization is the seo process where the on page content is optimized to focus

Technical SEO

Site Loading Time or Page Speed is the major concern of all website publishers because you get few seconds to attract your website visitor and if the website doesn't load in the respctive time you lose a potential lead.

Keywords Optimization

SEO Company in Hyderabad offers multilevel keyword optimization. Keyword optimization is the seo process where the on page content is optimized to focus

SEO friendly Content Optimization

The content on your website which is the major factor in deciding your site ranking on search engines. The content needs to be SEO friendly and appealing at the same time.

Our Process


1. Initial Consultation

Start with a thorough consultation to understand the client’s business goals, target audience, budget, and unique selling propositions. Gravitas collaborates closely with the client to define clear objectives for the PPC campaign and will suggest what type of Ad creation is best for a particular Industry.

2. Keyword Research and Analysis

Conduct comprehensive keyword research in the keyword planner and categorize them based on industry relevance, search volume, and competition to identify relevant terms and phrases that align with the client’s offerings. Gravitas selects high-performing keywords to optimize ad visibility and attract the right audience. We also research negative keywords on the account level.


3. Competitor Analysis

Analyze competitors in the industry to gain insights into effective strategies and market trends. Gravitas identifies opportunities and differentiators to ensure the PPC campaign stands out in the digital landscape.

4. Campaign Strategy Development

Craft a tailored PPC campaign strategy based on the gathered insights. Gravitas outlines the campaign structure, ad formats (search, display, social media, etc.), budget allocation, ad copy, structured snippets, callout extensions, and lead gen forms to align with the client’s goals.


5. Bidding Strategy

In the PPC bidding process, Gravitas carefully determines the maximum amount willing to pay for a click or conversion. We assess factors like keyword competitiveness, ad position goals, and budget constraints. Our strategic bid management ensures cost-effectiveness, optimal ad placements, and continuous refinement to achieve the best results for your campaign.

6. Ad Creation and Design

Develop compelling ad creatives, ensuring they resonate with the target audience. Gravitas focuses on creating visually appealing and persuasive content for various ad formats, such as text ads, display banners, and video ads.

Landing page optimization

7. Landing Page Optimization

Ensure that the designated landing pages align seamlessly with the ad content and provide a user-friendly experience. Gravitas optimizes landing pages for relevance, load times, mobile-friendly, and conversion potential to maximize the campaign’s effectiveness.

8. A/B Testing Implementation

Gravitas fine-tunes your PPC strategy with A/B testing precision. We experiment with ad copy, visuals, and call-to-action, revealing the winning combinations that resonate most with your audience. Whether adjusting bid strategies or testing ad placements, our A/B testing ensures every campaign element is optimized for maximum impact. It’s the secret sauce that transforms your PPC efforts into a finely tuned symphony of success.


9. Campaign Implementation

Execute the PPC campaign across selected platforms, carefully monitoring and adjusting settings for optimal performance. Gravitas ensures proper tracking mechanisms are in place to measure key performance indicators (KPIs) such as clicks, impressions, and conversions.

10. Continuous Monitoring and Optimization

Implement a rigorous monitoring process to assess campaign performance in real-time. Gravitas analyzes data, identifies trends, and makes strategic adjustments to enhance the campaign’s effectiveness. This includes refining targeting, adjusting bid strategies, and optimizing ad copy.

reporting & Analysis

11. Reporting and Analysis

Provide regular, transparent reports detailing campaign performance and key metrics. Gravitas collaborates with the client to review results, discuss insights, and make data-driven decisions for ongoing optimization.

12. Feedback and Strategy Refinement

Engage in regular feedback sessions with the client to gather insights and align the PPC strategy with evolving business goals. Gravitas continuously refines the campaign strategy to adapt to market changes and ensure sustained success.



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Mubaraq Shaikh
Mubaraq Shaikh
We got our corporate website developed by the Gravitas Team. It was a pleasure collaboration. Professional team with quality services.
Namita Thakur
Namita Thakur
Gravitas is highly regarded in the marketing industry, emphasizing their strengths across various critical aspects of client service and delivery. Noteworthy points of Gravitas are Strategy Effectiveness, Creativity and Innovation, Customer Service, ROI and Results, Professionalism & Communication, Adaptability & Flexibility, and most importantly Value for money.
Lehar Gupta
Lehar Gupta


Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to common questions about SEO, digital marketing, and our services.

PPC, or Pay Per Click, is an online advertising model where advertisers pay a fee each time their ad is clicked. Gravitas utilizes PPC to drive targeted traffic to your website, increase brand visibility, and generate leads or sales.

We conduct thorough keyword research, analyzing industry trends, user behavior, and competitor insights. This ensures the selection of high-performing keywords that align with your business goals and resonate with your target audience.

Gravitas covers a comprehensive range of platforms, including Google Ads, YouTube ads, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and more. Our diverse approach ensures your brand is strategically positioned across various digital landscapes.

Gravitas excels in crafting visually appealing and persuasive ad creatives tailored to different formats. Whether it’s text ads, display banners, or video ads, our focus is on creating content that not only captivates but also compels your audience to take action.

A/B testing allows us to experiment with different ad elements, such as copy, visuals, and call-to-action, to identify the most effective combinations. This ongoing optimization ensures your PPC campaign evolves based on real-time data, maximizing its impact.

Yes, Gravitas sets up robust tracking mechanisms, and you will receive regular, transparent reports detailing key performance metrics. We believe in open communication and collaborate with you to discuss insights, ensuring transparency and alignment with your business goals.

We implement continuous monitoring and analysis. If trends or data suggest improvements, we make strategic adjustments promptly. Gravitas believes in agility, refining the strategy to adapt to market changes and ensure sustained success for your PPC campaign.

Absolutely. PPC is scalable and adaptable, making it suitable for businesses of all sizes. Gravitas tailors PPC strategies to fit your budget and goals, ensuring that whether you’re a small startup or an established enterprise, your PPC campaign aligns with your unique needs.

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