10 Tips for Successful Branding

Brand is a short and sweet word but has a very deep meaning associated with it. Brand is everything that an organisation stands for. Your brand is your identity,  without which there is no business. Your brand is the best value that you can create for yourself, it will benefit you, your company and definitely will give you an edge. Branding is technically a process of used to create a very strong perception of the company in the eyes of the customer. There are multiple facets to branding including logo, designs, colour schemes, fonts, tag-lines and the overall create of a specific theme based vibe in all your marketing and digital communications. It is one of the most imperative part of the company’s Digital Marketing Service plan. Branding is a key strategy for long term success of a business. If people can relate, recall and reach you then the branding has been truly effective. 


Here are 10 tips for ensuring Successful Branding: 


1. Identify Yourself: Company logo, colours, company name and tag-lines must resonate with what you do. These may seem like tiny things but they are the most effecting way of connecting with your customers.


2. Simple is Beautiful: Although people feel that your logo should consist of too many elements, too many tag-lines and too much wordplay, but simple is beautiful. Don’t clutter your brand image, keep things simple yet elegant and effective. 


3. Design for Flexibility: Your brand and your company may go through changes in the future, so make sure your brand logo, design and name all are future proof. Most people don’t think from the long term perspective and this causes issues when there are changes later on and the branding has to be changed. 


4. Personalise your Brand: Give your brand a personality. Every company is always associated with some key attributes that them stand out, make sure that this reflects in all your digital marketing communications. People will always relate to your qualities, will understand your brand and associate your brand with these qualities. 


5. Have a Mission Statement: It’s highly critical that your brand has a mission statement. It is the reason for the existence of your company. 


6. Be Consistent: Be consistent in your branding efforts, your prospective customers will get confused if your tone and your communications are not consistent they will not relate to your brand. 


7. Use your Logo everywhere, but don’t tamper: While it is highly essential to use company logo in all the marketing communications be it your marketing collaterals, your corporate video, corporate deck or anything, but never tamper with the logo. Your logo is like a shine treat it with resect and people will recall your brand and keep coming to you. 


8. Tell you Brand Story: Every content you produce should resonate your brand’s story. Your customer’s are humans are are driven by emotions, so make sure your brand tells a story. 


9. Socialise:  It is highly critical that your brand be present on Social media. 90% of your target audience is on Social Media. It thus becomes absolutely essential that you parade your brand to the audience. Well liked brands generate a good amount of leads from social media too.


10. Integrate your Brand: Integrate your brand with everything that you do. Be it your website, advertisements, marketing collaterals, packaging. Make sure your story and your brand is utilised on all channels to get the best results.


Your Brand is your most vital asset. For ensuring that you run your business successfully, it becomes very critical that the right efforts are taken not only to buld the brand but also to maintain it. 

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